From Seed to Exit

The accounting firm for Startups and Venture Capital firms.
We provide financial outsourcing and part time services within SaaS, Software, Tech, e-Commerce industries.
Our Story

Startups have a dual objective that is to preserve cash and have solid staff when needed according to the speed of their growth. Our Certified Accountants are from Big 4 and only experienced from e-commerce, tech, SaaS and software type of company. It may almost always be a better option than hiring any full time local financial resource. Digital Fiduciary started in Switzerland, but has expanded to the UK and the Philippines to offer outsourcing and on-demand financial services to its customers.

Our Mission

To provide fast and reliable outsourcing and/or part time financial services only for SaaS, Tech, e-commerce and Software type of business to better serve our customer.


Virtualization & cloud computing tools enable us to fit each of our customer's need in real time. It is time to adopt financial technology designed for the digital age.


How it works


Plug & Play: Contact us to describe your needs, sign the engagement letter, on-boarding call. Terminate the service at any time without notice.


No monthly fee. On a monthly basis you receive an invoice with number of hours and detailed duties.

Our Hourly Rate

From $US 15 for a Certified Bookkeeper



We build financial models to pitch top investors and VC firms.


We provide superior and on-demand financial services. 


We book entries, reconcile your accounts, provide reporting and help you manage AP & AR.


We help you to stay in compliance, from sales tax to local tax to annual tax (IRS (US), ATO (AU), HMRC (UK), Canton & Federal (CH)).


We'll help you setting up payroll & benefits, as well as manage your employee onboarding process.


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