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We provide an unique ecosystem that includes remote and outsourcing services that helps startups to better monitor their run rate and growth.
Both working remote & outsourcing non-core competencies are the new norm.
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Can you cut your startup's burn rate ?

The reason to outsource your non-core activities is incredibly simple:

Talent & Efficiency

Access To Quality Talent

Unless you are Google, Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft outsourcing remote teams will be far more talented than any office-based team you can build. Talent wars will be won by companies that have great remote work capability, who will wield it to dominate the next decade. The most talented people are stipulating remote work as a condition of employment. Best cost/quality of life locations will attract them. A physical office means you can hire the best person you can afford in a 30-mile radius, disqualifying you from 99.9% of the world’s talent.

Labor Cost

You pay what you need thus no more worry about your optimal burn rate as you can downsize quickly without hurting your business. Minimum induction period for new joiners. Less time to spend on management or training. No sick leave. Salary in big cities are much higher and attract candidate is more competitive thus led to extra human resources personnel.


Office-first companies won’t be able to compete with outsourcing/remote-first companies in terms of efficiency, both economic and operationally. Not only will outsourcing/remote-first companies increase their average level of talent with each hire, they will be far more cost-efficient. City living is subsidized by companies, leading to a lower disposable and quality of life. Stop wasting time and resources training your current staff. Instead, you’re directly leveraging experts for the task. You are not only saving money but optimizing your business activities too. It gives you more time and resources to focus on your core tasks. For example, if you’re a Fintech, you can outsource your customer success management services and focus on building banking products and services for your clients. You are able to focus solely on your core activities while ensuring that the non-core tasks in your roadmap are performed as well.

Real Estate Cost

Office-first companies spend $18,400 on average, per workplace, per person. The best outsourcing/remote setup on the planet costs $2,000 per year, coffee included. No need to buy laptops, desks, furniture. Remote is $16,400 less a year, per team member, or a $1.6m saving per 100 workers.

Lets You Offer 24×7 Services

If you’re a US-based company, your outsourced staff can handle customer calls to ensure that you’re able to cater to customers 24×7 without overworking your employees and compromising on quality.

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Our Services
Accounting, Finance, Tax, HR, Support for Startups

R&D Tax Credits

Cut your burn with a R&D Tax Credit study.


Professional CPA's & Automated Systems deliver books that you and your investors can trust.

Interim CFO

Raising capital or beginning hyper-growth? Our CFOs provide valuable guidance

Financial Modeling

We build financial models that have been used to close venture rounds with top investors.

Venture Capital Support

We will help you be prepared for your next Venture Capital round. Board Pack. Raise funding pitch.

Tax Compliance

Yearly tax returns, ongoing tax & compliance for seed and venture funded companies. R&D tax credit work.

Human Resources

We will help you set up essential HR and payroll systems so you can scale from 1-100 employees.

Call Centre

Handle customer calls to ensure that you’re able to cater to customers 24×7.

Interim Accountant
Affordable pricing plan aligned on each step of growth
Founder Timesaver


Great for busy founders


Starting at $250 per month*

  • Dedicated Accountant

  • Operations in 1 country

  • No HR Services

  • No Tax Compliance

* For 7'500 USD monthly expenses



Ideal for high-growth, well-funded businesses


  • Controller or Fractional CFO

  • Multiple countries*

  • HR Services Available

  • Local & International Tax Compliance

  • Complex Revenue Recognition

  • Custom Reporting (Board Pack, fund raising pitch)

  • IFRS, US Gaap, Local Gaap

*in various tax jurisdictions such as the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, France.

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Customer References
The Best Funded Startups Trust Digital Fiduciary
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Why partnering with us ?
The digital accounting firm that understands your needs

Industry expertise

We only work with startups within Fintech, SaaS and e-commerce industries.

A talented team

Include ACCA accountants graduated from top UK universities and with numerous years of experiences dealing with growing startups.

Privileged access to a strong network

We build solid relationships with best experts such as Venture Capitalist firms (mainly in London), insurance broker, insurers, banks, lawyers, outsourced product development companies.

Affordable pricing

We thrive to offer you best priced services.

Free access knowledge and apps

Fund raising pitch, IT apps etc.


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